Gaga earlier today in NYC. (video)


Gaga earlier today in NYC. (video)


Here it is, the world premiere of the music video for Lady Gaga’s new single ‘G.U.Y’.

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y’know what i really REALLY need more than anything

a behind the scenes thing of all the times gaga messes up while filming a video like i bet she bursts out laughing in the middle of a scene and has to start over it would be sO CUTE someone make it happen

Homework: A
Classwork: A
Project: A
Test: F
Final grade: F

"The intention of the video was to create something that was a true sort of road map of my journey, being an artist, a pop singer, a creative person. It´s me almost like "Alice in Wonderland" going through my own rabbit hole in my brain and re-experiencing the past year of my life."


"omg u look like-" I dont care

"omg u remind me of-" I dont care

"omg u act like-" I dont care

I dont care